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Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 1:00pm ET

The MediLedger Network

A Decentralized Network for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Compliance with track and trace regulations

Patient safety and drug supply security

Simplified payment processes

An extensible platform for business transformations

Built on open specifications

Based on blockchain

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the opportunity

An Open and Collaborative Network

Blockchain has the power to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Blockchain has the capacity to break apart the silos dividing pharmaceutical suppliers and customers, while also building bridges for secure record keeping of each transaction that protects every party and ensuring fidelity across supply chains.

Imagine - an industry-wide network owned by the industry itself, connecting you to all your suppliers and customers. This is not the future - it is happening now.

The MediLedger Network gives you the power to:

We are going live in October, 2019 with a solution for Saleable Returns - a combination look-up directory and verification routing service that can enable sub-second responses between wholesalers and manufacturers. We have tested and proven it works.

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A Network Governed by Industry

The MediLedger Project was launched in 2017. It brought together pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers in a working group to explore the potential of blockchain to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requirements for a track and trace system for US drugs by 2023. With industry guidance, the MediLedger Project became the MediLedger Network a fully decentralized peer-to-peer and blockchain network that could enable real value between companies.

Network nodes are set to be distributed among and operated by industry participants and technology providers who serve the industry. For the first time business rules for transactions and shared data between companies can be enforced through blockchain without exposing any private data.

The MediLedger Network is being established as a platform to eventually support open development by participants and 3rd parties to unlock innovative solutions beyond the limits of today's technology.

The MediLedger Network


Delivering Value

The MediLedger Project is built to give pharmaceutical partners a way to keep up with evolving track and trace compliance regulations as well as find better ways to partner inside a shared ecosystem.

We believe that blockchain has the potential to transform partner relationships, and provide a secure, private and trust-building network for pharmaceutical leaders to record the change of ownership of prescription medicines. We have a tested protocol for DSCSA Saleable Returns and have created an Industry Look Up Directory and Verification Router Service that is available now.

We are meeting the emerging needs of the prescription medicine supply chain through redefining the potential of blockchain for the pharmaceutical sector.

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It’s easy for companies to connect to the MediLedger Project network. This is possible due to open standards and specifications. We also make a reference implementation available to any participant.

Contact us to learn more the role you can play in the network, and then request access to easily deploy your node and connect.

We are inviting industry Solutions Providers to integrate our MediLedger protocols into their offerings, in order to give their customers the extra benefits of services that only a blockchain network can offer.

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Project Timeline

Q1 2017

MediLedger Project Initiated

  • Industry leading manufacturers and wholesalers come together to test if blockchain can meet DSCA regulations
  • Press release
  • Focus on 2023 interoperable requirements

Q3 2017

Proof of Concept Demonstrated

  • Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs we demonstrate the ability to change ownership of drugs while validating authenticity AND retaining full privacy
  • Identified functionality could also solve 2019 DSCSA Saleable Returns

Q2 2018

Commercial Development

  • Publish 2017 Progress Report showing solution progress as well as roadmap for the industry ecosystem
  • Development of Saleable Returns solution with blockchain based lookup directory

Q3/Q4 2018

Contracts an Chargebacks Initial Phase

  • Preliminary meetings to define the Contracting and Chargebacks solution
  • Enrollment for Contracting and Chargebacks Working Group underway

Q1 2019

MediLedger Network Established

  • Industry oversight established to govern network
  • Network charter and policies ratified
  • Launched FDA Confidential Change of Ownership pilot

Q4 2019

Platform Grows

  • Saleable Returns Protocols to launch in October/November
  • Confidential Change of Ownership (2023 interoperable system) commercial development to begin
  • Preparing for Contracting and Chargebacks roster management launch

Chronicled is the custodian of the MediLedger Network - Chronicled provides administration and develops commercial solutions on top of the MediLedger Network.

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